Call for Papers


To submit your contribution to the SACM-SGKM 2019, you will find the most important points on this page. Content specifications can be found in the Call for papers – SGKM2019:


The conference is aimed at the national and international professional public. Contributions and presentations can be submitted in German, French, Italian or English language. The visualisation at the conference (Power Point or similar) mandatorily has to be presented in a different language than the oral presentation, so that attendants of other languages can remain connected. For holding a presentation, SAMCR‐membership is not a prerequisite.

There are three formats available for the submission of contributions:


Individual Submission

  1. Extended Abstract (2,000‐ 4,000 characters incl. space characters)
  2. Short Abstract (500‐1,000 characters)
  3. Appropriate topics within the call
  4. Please submit individual submissions over the platform “EasyChair”.

Panel, SACM Specialist Group Sessions

  1. Panel description (1,000 characters)
  2. 4‐5 individual contributions (2,000‐4,000 characters each) of a common topic
  3. Separates cover page per panel with information about the authors
  4. Please submit panels directly to:

Workshops «Science meets Practice»

  1. Abstract about the workshop topic (1,000‐ 2,000 characters)
  2. Short Abstract about individual contributions (500‐1,000 characters each)
  3. Details of speakers from science and media practice
  4. Details of a presenter to host discussion during the workshop
  5. Please mail to:


Individual Submission

For individual submissions, we kindly ask you to write an extended abstract (scope: 2,000‐ 4,000 characters incl. space characters) about a 15‐minute presentation. State, which 1‐2 topics that were mentioned in the call, the presentation will particularly relate to (e.g. political communication/methods). In addition to that, please submit a short abstract of your presentation proposal (scope: 500‐1,000 characters) for the conference program.

Submission site for individual submissions:



Panel, SACM Specialist Group Sessions

The procedure regarding the submission of a panel or SACM specialist group session is identical: Please write a panel proposal with 4 to 5 individual contributions for a 90‐minute panel. The individual contributions should relate to a common panel topic. The description of the panel should not exceed 1,000 characters, a description of 2,000‐4,000 characters is required for each individual contribution. Please fill in one separate cover page per panel with all author details (a template is available on the conference website), in order to guarantee anonymity during the assessment process.

Please submit panel submissions via e‐mail:

Assessment Criteria

Submissions for individual contributions, panels and SACM specialist group sessions will be assessed anonymously by a minimum of two experts (peer review). Hence, all contact details mandatorily have to be noted on a separate cover page. Also, it should be avoided to offer references in the short paper, which allow inference regarding authorship. Reviewers will adhere to the following assessment criteria: 1) Relevance of the topic, 2) Reference to the conference topic, 3) Theoretical foundation, 4) Appropriateness of method/approach, 5) Clarity of argumentation

Important Dates

Start of submission via conference website 15.10.2018
Submission Deadline 21.12.2018
Information on review results and publication of conference program 15.02.2019
Start of Registration 15.02.2019
Registration Deadline Online 03.04.2019
Onsite registration possible during the conference 04. – 05.04.2019

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