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Organization Team

Prof. Dr. Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva

Titular Professor and Managing Director =mcminstitute

Vera Lenz-Kesekamp

Research Associate =mcminstitute


Embedded in the University of St.Gallen

The Institute for Media and Communication Management (=mcminstitute) is one of 30 institutes at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). The HSG institute concept is on the one hand based on the model of an autonomous research and teaching establishment and, on the other hand, the idea of an entrepreneurial organisation which is self-financed through services and external funding, and which also makes a definitive contribution to helping the University overall achieves a high level of financial independence.

The academic staff of the HSG institutes supports teaching, carries out research and, to a large degree, promotes opportunities for young talent in this sector. They train employees where research and practice converge and contribute to the development of new organisations in the form of spin-offs of the HSG.

As an integrated organisation of the University, the =mcminstitute is closely tied in with the HSG, both in terms of its overall concept and its personnel. Its directors are members of the professorship and the Senate.



The =mcminstitute is an internationally renowned research, training and advisory center for media and communication management as well as for media and culture.

The integrative view of the entire institute as well as the interdisciplinary perspectives of our chairs on media and communication characterize our profile. We systematically use synergies for research and practice projects.

Our goal is to communicate media literacy and to develop instruments and strategies for successful communication.


Blumenbergplatz 9


9000 St. Gallen

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